An Industrial Landscape

Over the past couple of years, the Penistone Poets have been visiting local industrial heritage sites, under the careful and, I have to say, extremely knowledgeable guidance of one of our members, John Hislop. We have dutifully taken notes, absorbed the atmosphere of sometimes overlooked or forgotten places, and tried to distil all this into poetry. Due to the drive and commitment of Bronwen Barber, we have now published a book containing the best of this work and including some fantastic artwork too.

We launched the book at the Penistone Literary Festival and it was a pleasure to read to a packed room and have so many people purchase the book on the day. We all know the clichés: nobody reads poetry these days; the only people who buy poetry books are poets. Our experience says otherwise. Interest in local history is strong and as long as you don’t charge an arm and a leg (we financed the project ourselves and set the price at £3.50) then people are willing to part with their money. If you want a taster, see Bronwen Barber’s Connections in High Places which is the opening poem, and if you want to buy the book, drop me an email. And sorry if you receive a few versions of this post – I’m still a novice blogger!

photo_2Copy of download-1


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