Partial Eclipse


Sheffield graffiti, artist unknown (possibly Faunagraphic?) Photograph by J. Mellor.


Partial Eclipse

I want to exchange the weather
for something kinder. The clouds dilate.
Hail falls like tiny bones.

These are the days I walk through,
tending small ambitions,
the low comedy of us at home.

Sometimes I worry our charm
is stinted. If I tell you pins
lie under my tongue, there so long

I have sucked on the tang of iron
and thought it was blood.
We stand in the garden, looking

through dark glass. Air turns to winter,
light evades us. The moon
is awkward across the face of the sun.

(First published in The Frogmore Papers, No. 86, Oct. 2015)




5 thoughts on “Partial Eclipse

    • The weather can be a become a bit of an obsession – I live on the edge of the Pennines and it can be fantastically harsh at times, but also inspiring.
      Where do you get your inspiration? I’m always interested to know how and where people get their ideas.

      • Mostly, I just google horrifically terrifying images, and thus I bully my imagination into producing something 😛 I’m no where near your calibre of poetic awesomeness!

  1. It’s wonderful to see your work taking new directions, and, it seems, more immediately personal ones. I recognise the frisson of risk, and what seem to be a new edge to the poems. Certainly this one disturbs. There are utterly memorable images/moments….like the pins that are, I thought, turning to rust, abrasive and sensate. Just keep on pushing the envelope xx

    • Too kind!
      The pins refer to a small detail in the North Berwick witch trials – not the torture instrument (the witch’s bridle) but a spell or charm which made the bewitched person believe they couldn’t speak until the charm was lifted.
      But you probably knew this, and more besides.

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