I discovered that night was its own colour …

At the moment, I’m busy with the edits for my new pamphlet, Out of the Weather, which is due to be published in July by Smith/Doorstop. In the meantime, two bits of artistic inspiration keep nagging away at me. I’ve not done anything with them yet, but I will, and I’m going to share them in case anyone else finds that they spark off an idea.

The first is this quote from the photographer Langdon Clay, whose work I saw when I visited the Graves art gallery in Sheffield: ‘I discovered that night was its own colour and I fell for it’. This really resonates with me and I keep mulling it over. It’s the word ‘fell’ I think, and all the connotations it has. Anyway, it’s constantly in the back of my mind right now.

The second is this photograph of an exhibition by Chris Graham. Food for thought. Visit Bank Street Arts and see the whole thing for yourself!



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