Streetcake – experimental writing


This is just a quick post to share the online magazine, Streetcake, with you. It’s a compact little online publication that showcases experimental and visual poetry. They liked one of my cut ups and have included it in issue 56. Everything runs quite quickly with them. I had the poem accepted at the end of December, and it was published last week. Online magazines have that flexibility. Streetcake also likes the visual. I sent them a pdf of the cut up texts I’d used to create my found poem. They didn’t publish it, just the poem, but it’s interesting to look at the visual stuff they do include, especially Robin M. Eames’ redacted poem, which has a sense of the gothic about it, and also forces a certain pace on the reader, which is entirely to do with the space between the words (not the white space we’re more familiar with in poetry, but the black space of the redacted words). I also love the economy and clarity of J.I.Kleinberg’s ‘collage is fiction’. There’s a beauty in seeing how a poem can be ‘made’ this way. Streetcake also seems more prepared to engage with poems that comment on language. My experience of sending work to more mainstream (print) magazines is that they shy away from this sort of discourse. And of course, you’ll notice the number of American writers in the publication. Maybe they’re less risk averse – as writer’s I mean – than we are at this side of the pond. Anyway, I know Streetcake would like a wider circulation, so why not take a look?


4 thoughts on “Streetcake – experimental writing

  1. Thanks Regina. I’ve just had a look at Montgomery’s site and I love his work, especially the fire poems. I’m just trying to get a new (and short) post together with another writing idea. Hope it proves useful!
    Julie X


    • Hi Julie,

      I’m glad you find something to like about Montgomery’s work. That first image of the fire poems is striking. I also like some of the light poems.

      Regina x


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