Vanish in a fog of composite fiction

After reading Pam Thompson’s post, ‘Part of the fun of being …‘ . I was reminded of some collages I’d seen in the found/erased section of Rise Up Review. They’re by Kathleen Loomis, who has been using found text and images to make a daily collage. I love the simplicity and power of the text, and the way Loomis date stamps the work too.

There’s also work by JI Kleinberg on the same site, whose work I first encountered in the online journal Streetcake. Anyway, inspired by the wonderful collages Pam Thompson has shared from her notebook, and admiring the sparse, almost haiku-like poems that Loomis has produced, I revisited some of my redactions to see if I could create something similar. The result (below) is a bit of a departure for me.

despair crop

I’m going to call it ‘composite fiction’ because bizarrely, as I was redacting a page from a novel (and mulling over how I was going to create my collage) this turned up:

Composite fiction redacted crop

I’m not sure it works so well as a poem, but ‘composite fiction’ is a great term for the text/image juxtaposition I’ve been exploring.
I’m going to create some more of these composite fictions, so don’t miss next week’s post.


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