ambit 234-cover
Great to be in issue 234 of Ambit, a magazine that prides itself on its mix of poetry, short stories and art. The art work this time is fantastic, really up-to-the-minute and very exciting. There’s this stunning cover by Luke Burton (Torso V). It vaguely reminds me of some of Emily Sutton’s work which I saw a while back at the YSP, although Burton’s image is more abstract, and for me, more thought-provoking. And on the very last page of the magazine there’s a stunning photograph by Cristina Coral called Trio (see below). I have to say that I’ve completely fallen in love with this image. It’s from an enigmatic series called Alternative perspective, green, . I do hope you have time to look at her work and that you find it as inspiring as I do.


I’ve probably said this before, but it’s impossible to subscribe to all the poetry magazines out there, not only because of the cost, but because you end up not having time to read them. I like to alternate my subscriptions, trying a couple of magazines for a year then switching. Of course, if you get a poem accepted then a contributor’s copy comes your way and that’s a lovely and unique reward.
I make a point of swapping magazines too – I tend to pass mine along to the local poetry group and when they’ve read them, they return them to me and I post them off to a good friend in Gainsborough who sends me her copy of Poetry Review by return. I still end up with too many to read, and too little time to read them in, but I always get through them in the end.
What I like about magazines is that they’re up-to-date. They publish the freshest work. Okay, it’s not always to my taste, and my taste has changed over time, but it’s good to know what’s out there. When I have a poem accepted, it feels like it’s found a home. There’s very little money in it generally, but that, I believe, is a good thing. It puts the work in a different place and gives it a different status. Well, we could have a whole debate about that, couldn’t we? So, I’ll stop for now. However, I urge you to send your work out to these magazines, even if you can’t afford to subscribe to them, because they depend on new submissions and also, by sending them some poems, you’re doing your bit to support them.

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