Butterflies of the night and a 3D poem


In case, like me, you had no idea that there was such a thing as a 3D poem, here is what I produced at a poetry workshop yesterday run by Winston Plowes for the Hear My Voice project (held at Cawthorne Museum, Barnsley).

Simply write your words in a spiral (we started at the outside edge and worked inwards) then cut and attach thread to the centre (we used a needle to pull the thread through and then secured with a piece of tape).

Our subject was moths and the writing was generated by listing ideas and descriptions that were suggested by looking in very close detail at some live moths which Winston had collected the night before and stowed in the fridge! Looking at these butterflies of the night close up almost made me forget they were moths at all. In fact, l had everything from forks to typewriters in my notes. That, l believe, is the power of poetry and somewhere at the heart of why we do it. But it is also the sign of a realy good workshop so thank you, Winston Plowes, for making me see the world a little differently.





One thought on “Butterflies of the night and a 3D poem

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