The result is what you see today


Here’s a quick plug for The Result is What You See Today (Smith/Doorstop, 2019). I not only recommend this anthology for its poems, but also for its brilliant biographies: funny, poignant and strangely revealing.

Curated by poet-runners Ben Wilkinson, Kim Moore and Paul Deaton, The Result is What You See Today threads running and poetry through myriad routes, venturing into the how, why and where of a timeless human act.
This affirmative anthology shows that poetry and running have much in common, fulfilling a basic need to live freely, expressively and to feel alive. The poems gathered here reflect this freedom in all its forms: from the track to nature’s trails, from sprints to endurance, from near-spiritual moments of private connection to the buzz of competitive camaraderie.

Thank you Smith/Doorstop for including a poem of mine in this anthology.  I’m not a runner and I didn’t think my poem would qualify. It was one of those last minute submissions which says something about my lack of confidence perhaps. However, it turned out to be worth sending. So, my advice to anyone who’s pondering whether to submit work at the moment is JUST DO IT! You aren’t necessarily the best judge of your own work. And if it’s not to the editors’ taste you can always submit elsewhere.
Good luck.


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