Bilateral dislocation


Great to be in issue 65 of Streetcake magazine. This is a brilliant online magazine that continues to take risks with the work it accepts, the result being a publication that is highly original and always memorable. I love the redacted poem, lies by H.E.Grahame and also the poem by Seth Crook (perhaps not his real name, but you’ll have to read the poem to see why – and it could be the shortest poem you’ll ever read).
My own contribution, SPAM, is a found poem using comments lifted from the Spam email that finds its way through to this blog. WordPress automatically filters it, but if you have a blog, it’s always worth having a browse through the Spam section to see what’s in there. When I looked today I found the line: This is a classic bilateral facet dislocation. Well, that’s what poetry is, isn’t it – bilateral dislocation.
Just a word of warning though, don’t be tempted to reply to any comments marked as Spam; no matter how intriguing or benign they seem to be, they can cause real damage to your pc. Of course, you already know this.
In the meantime, enjoy Streetcake, and take some risks in your writing. You never know where it will lead.

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