cloud drift

Despite the sugar pink font, this wasn’t intended to be a romantic poem – or an apology, although it can be read that way. I was messing about with the camera, trying to see how good a shot of the sky I could get, and the way the cloud was drifting made me think about time passing, about the way life flies by while the small but important stuff gets overlooked. Then we changed the clocks yesterday. Time passing again. Anyway, this is the result.

Half term is over now and I’m back at work tomorrow. It’s been good to have more time for poetry, and I’ve been playing my guitar a lot too – the next big hurdle is to learn the notes (as the very accomplished and oh so patient guitar tutor put it yesterday ‘you’ve learnt how to ice the cake without learning how to bake it’). So, if the blog goes quiet again, you know what I’m doing (A to G on 6 strings – surely I can get my head around that)!

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