January sky

After being ill and feeling sorry for myself for most of the week, I managed to get some fresh air yesterday. Took this photo from behind a fence by the way! There were lots of Highland cattle getting quite excited, no doubt because we had the dog with us, so I didn’t hang around. The woodland is mixed, mainly deciduous, but I used ash in the poem because originally there were lots, although most have been felled due to disease. Anyway, it’s good to be feeling better and taking an interest in things. Here’s to the restorative power of nature.

2 thoughts on “January sky

    • Thank you Ama – I think I’ve had one of these ‘super colds’. I’m much better now and back at work.
      The photo was relatively easy in the sense that I wasn’t in the field. I felt so much braver at the other side of the fence! A lot of the surrounding trees have been felled due to disease, which is a real shame as it’s a lovely place, very tranquil and generally unspoilt. Hopefully it will remain so.


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