Reviews and readings …

Great to get a mention on Gregory Piko’s blog after my review of his book, Breaking My Journey, appeared in Presence last month. You can read the review on Greg’s website here. There’s also a really good appraisal of paul m.’s Witness Tree on his site, which is another recent favourite of mine.
I’d like to say a public thank you to Presence for sending me books to review from time to time, and for having faith in my haiku. Sometimes it feels like I’m working very much on the fringes (probably no bad thing). Lockdown enabled me to follow some new routes too, but that has also led to me feeling a bit out of the loop (again, that might not be a bad thing). Nevertheless, Presence has linked me to the haiku community and I really appreciate that sense of fellowship.
Another poetic community is The Poets Directory who have invited me to read at their ‘virtual stanza’ event. So:

Join us on Sunday February 13th at 19:00 for the December Poets’ Directory Live! Virtual Stanza event via Zoom. The event is part of the Poetry Society’s network of Stanza groups and brings poetry into your home every month. With readings from the excellent Chaucer Cameron, Julie Mellor, Damien Donnelly, Rory Waterman and Pascale Petit.

I have to say I’m in awe of the poets I’ll be supporting. Anyway, I’ll be taking a deep breath and hoping for the best! The free online event takes place on Sun 13th Feb at 7.00 – further details can be found here. Hope some of you can join us.

6 thoughts on “Reviews and readings …

  1. Dear Julie,
    I wasn’t able to be at the zoom event to hear you read, I hope it went well. I know little about haiku, but I came across some work by Mary Frances which I thought might interest you since you combine images with words in your posts. I love her images, especially in Glasshouses, which includes found/assembled poems. She has several chapbooks, three freely available on the website (Glasshouses, Landfall, New worlds in old stones). She tweets at mary frances@maryfrancesness. You may know her work already, I just thought I’d mention this.
    I hope you’re well.
    All the best, Regina


    • Hi Regina,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, the reading went well. I felt very humble to be in the company of such amazing poets. Plus, it’s a while since I’ve read in public, so I was quite nervous too!
      I’ve been looking at ‘Glasshouses’ – what an amazing piece of work. I really appreciate you forwarding me that as I hadn’t come across Mary Frances’s work before. It really is a stunning collection of words and images. Quite haunting.
      Hope your own writing is going well. Do you still do the Poetry Business workshops (online). I haven’t done any for quite some time as, for me, they didn’t really lend themselves to writing haiku – on the subject of which I’ll own up to knowing very little about myself, but I’m enjoying the process of discovery!
      Take care and keep in touch,
      Julie x


  2. Hi Julie,
    It must be quite exciting too to have embarked on a new venture into haiku. I’m glad you like Mary Frances’s work. I very much miss PB writing days for the company and the sharing of poems. Writing to prompts has never worked well for me, so when I tried an online workshop, I went even more blank than usual! I did join the PB poetry ramble near Grindleford last July, led by Jonathan Davidson and that was great, it was lovely to see some familiar and new faces (there is another ramble coming up in April, I think). And let’s hope it won’t be too long before we can sit around a table again at PB HQ!
    All the best,
    Regina x


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