Slanted landscapes II

Not sure where I’m going with this blog but, inspired by Patti Smith’s A Book of Days, I wanted to try and post something every day for a month. I wanted to reflect some of her generosity, her reverence for things, but I also wanted to consider what makes me ‘me’, my influences, my surroundings. So, there will be some random stuff I suspect, which is a bit of a disclaimer, but at least you understand the thinking behind it.

Anyway, this photograph was taken on a walk to Heptonstall last summer. I like the fingers pointing in opposite directions, challenging me to decided which way to go. Could be a metaphor. Early January is the period when we take stock, try to figure out where we’re going, where we’d like to be. I’m trying not to think too far ahead though, to be present. I tell myself it’s okay to drift a little, to take in what comes along rather than push myself to find new things. So, forgive the random stuff. It comes with good intentions.


2 thoughts on “Slanted landscapes II

  1. Julie this post put me in mind of the book “wintering” I think by Katherine May (or name similar to that) it’s a nice gentle Jan read about taking stock in these darker months


    • Hi Zoe,
      Thanks so much for this. Just looked it up and it sounds excellent – although I might not get round to reading it in January! When I searched it, the ‘books you may also be interested in’ at the bottom of the page, it recommended ‘Women Who Think Too Much’!
      Hope all’s well with you. I’m just about to brave the weather and go out with Ozzie. How do Gatsby and Daisy feel about wind and rain?
      Take care and thanks for reading. I appreciate it. x


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