Human impulse?

I mentioned the above anthology yesterday, although on reflection I think I misread or misrepresented the poem I quoted (although I love it all the same). I think what I wanted was a haiku with a more psychological angle. So, I’m looking at poems such as this by Rebecca Lilly, which I found in a back issue of Blithe Spirit, 32.1, in the Why I Write section:

At dusk crows confer

in cornfield stubble –

my troubled thoughts

And here’s what Lilly says: ‘It’s a philosophical moment of reflection … all the losses – evoked by the flat, empty field, and the crows conferring at day’s end – that prompt a more inclusive considering of the value of loss in life’. I like the scope of this so it’s no surprise that a haiku I wrote this evening also includes the idea of loss …


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