The bearable lightness of walking – with Dave Bonta

I feel like I’ve been walking with Dave Bonta for quite a while, and what a lovely experience it is. New scenery. New forms of writing. I’m particularly interested in what he said yesterday about lightness in walking – both literally and metaphorically:

‘Freely wandering in a literal sense tends to free up the mind as well, and first and foremost, I think, it has to be fun. When I am in the zone, noticing things, snapping photos and jotting down ideas, it helps that I’m not sweating profusely and gasping for breath. So the ultralight shoes I wear, for example, make walking an altogether more enjoyable experience, a fact that was brought home to me two months ago when I bought a heavy pair of work boots and took them for a walk to break them in. Going up any kind of hill became an unexpected chore, and I ended up not enjoying the hike nearly as much as I usually do, even though this is exactly the sort of footwear I used to live in, back when I didn’t spend at least four hours outdoors every day.’

Now, walking boots are a bit of a thing with me. For years I’ve worn, and worn out, Scarpa boots. At the higher end of the price range, you might expect them to last a bit longer. I love the fit, but they really are quite expensive, and I do wear them most days so they get a lot of wear. In short, they don’t last long enough! My current pair have pretty much collapsed and I’ve held off replacing them due to the cost. In the meantime, I’m wearing a pair of Clarks Gore-tex lined walking trainers, and yes, Dave, they’re light, not just in terms of weight but in shape too. A good streamlined sole, not chunky but with enough grip to see me over the fields. Sadly, they don’t have the ankle-support that boots provide, but they have put a spring in my step! So, here’s to lightness!


4 thoughts on “The bearable lightness of walking – with Dave Bonta

  1. Cheers for this. Just wrote a comment which WordPress seems to have lost, but the main thing I wanted to share was this Keats quote which I just ran across this morning: “Do not the Lovers of Poetry like to have a little Region to wander in, where they may pick and choose, and in which the images are so numerous that many are forgotten and found new in a second Reading: which may be food for a Week’s stroll in the Summer?”


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