Poems, haiku and photo haiku


Presence 70

blackthorn spring
kale going to seed
in frost-hard furrows

first snowdrops
whitewater foams
over gritstone


Modern Haiku 52.1 summer 2021

rain-flattened wheat
the heron casts its shadow
into the stream

Blithe Spirit Summer 2021

open door
her perfume
after all these years

heavy showers
the old stone trough brimming
with duckweed

zipping up for the night
the sound of rain
enters our dreams


tinywords autumn 2020

harvest moon
laughter bubbles
from the neighbour’s hot tub

Frogpond 44.2 spring summer 2021

teasle down
all along the train tracks
the finch’s song

Presence, 69

November morning
the cry of rooks
lifts with the fog


Presence, 69

full moon
filling the turnip crates
winter harvest

Presence 70

smelling almost
of childhood
these flakes of snow


Heron’s Nest summer 2020

sketching the dog
the scratch of my pen
behind his ears

British Haiku Society, Temple anthology

votive candles
the warmth of your breath
haunting the dark



hill farm
the curlew’s long call
over the lambing shed

pitching the tent
in the lee of the barn
a host of sparrows

boundary stone
that sense of having
been here before

chair legs on the woodpile
behind the gate
the farm dog barks

zipped against the wind
the fly sheet breathes
in and out

cock crow
low cloud scuffs
the telephone wires

drying the groundsheet
somewhere close by
the first cuckoo


rainwashed gritstone
early light
tipping the clouds

coffee by the canal
the time it takes
for goslings to swim past

photographing the well
failing to capture
the sound of water

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