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Out of the Weather

‘[This] pamphlet is full of a restless curiosity and a desire to understand the complexity and strangeness of the world around us.’  Kim Moore

‘The writing is alert and alive, sensitive to different visions of past and present – the vast landscapes seen by a fly, Edwardians relishing electricity, a bat embryo ‘dissected with light’.’ Helen Mort

Out of the Weather is my latest publication.
To purchase this pamphlet direct from The Poetry Business, please click here.




My first pamphlet, Breathing Through Our Bones, was a winner in The Poetry Business 2011 Book & Pamphlet Competition, chosen by Carol Ann Duffy.

‘Poems with a real ability to own their subject — whether spontaneous combustion or the collective thought of geese — and which remain to intrigue long after reading.’
Carol Ann Duffy


To purchase this pamphlet direct from The Poetry Business, please click here.


My poems also appear in the two anthologies featured below. Both books are available from The Poetry Business by clicking on the following links:  The Sheffield Anthology and Cast.



Cast, The Poetry Business Book of New Contemporary Poets (Ed. Simon Armitage, Joanna Gavins, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom) Smith/Doorstop, 2014



The Sheffield Anthology, Poems from the City Imagined (ed. Agnes Lehoczky, Adam Piette, Ann Sansom, Peter Sansom) Smith/Doorstop 2012


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