Hunger Hill

Lovely to have this haiku sequence in the current issue of Presence magazine. The poems (well, versions of them) were written on a walk I did in late December, but I probably wouldn’t have got them together in their current form without some helpful advice from Presence’s editor, Ian Storr. I know how busy editors are, and they often run their magazines alongside many other commitments, so I am always grateful when they offer feedback. Anyway, the best way to support their endeavours is to subscribe – so here’s a plug: Presence, £15 for three issues, great quality haiku (plus tanka, haibun and reviews). I don’t usually post recently published work here as I’d rather let people discover it in their own good time. However, I’m showcasing this sequence in the hope that it will give the magazine a bit of publicity.

And regarding Hunger Hill, here are a few photos of the walk:

shortest day
hawthorn berries darken
in the cold

late pink waxcaps
shafts of light
across Hunger Hill

gritstone outcrop
two crows circle
the storm-torn ash

cattle graze
through rusted wire
the lowing wind

old salt road
filling our pockets
with stones

4 thoughts on “Hunger Hill

      • Hi Matthew,
        Thank you – that’s a massive compliment (although as I said, I did have a bit of editorial help)! The area around Bolsterstone is very atmospheric and I hope I can get another walk done over that way during the Easter holidays.
        I haven’t read the whole of Presence yet (something else on the to do list over Easter) but I loved your poem, the way you capture that odd comedown mood that creeps in after the festivities – here it is for anyone who’s reading this:

        Twixmas downpour
        the long racks of bridal gowns
        yellow under lights (Matthew Paul)

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