Give yourself a gold star

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… or a silver one, or anything shiny as a way of marking your achievement. As you can see from the above picture, I keep a note of everything I send out. If I get an acceptance, I mark it with a foil star. Childish? Perhaps. But it works like a little affirmation that I’m doing the right thing, a way of acknowledging that something I’ve created has found its way out into the world.  I think I got the idea from reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, although I’ve been doing it for such a long time now I might be mistaken. Anyway, I know some poets use spreadsheets, but I like the hands on approach!
I’ve featured a notebook page from about 18 months ago when I had a real push on submissions. Lately, I’ve been so tied up with the novel I haven’t had any poems to send out. I miss that, polishing a poem, sending it out, the occasional acceptance that leaves you on a high for a while. Writing a novel is a very solitary activity – poetry is far more sociable (for me anyway, attending various workshops and readings etc).  I can’t wait to get back to all that.
Anyway, I’m giving myself a gold star this week, not for having anything accepted, but for completing the first draft of the book. Not that it’s finished in the true sense of the word – too many shifts in time and viewpoint. I know it will take a lot more work to give it a coherent structure, but the words are there, typed up, and I’ve done what I set out to do – complete the first draft. I feel like I could do with a block of time now, to dedicate to the editing, but that’s not likely to happen in the near future. So, I’ll have to just try to do what I can in the evenings and at weekends and see where that leads.
In the meantime, award yourself a gold star for following me on this creative journey. It’s great to be part of an online writing community. The blogs I read are a constant source of inspiration and I hope my posts inspire you in some small way.



3 thoughts on “Give yourself a gold star

  1. “The blogs I read are a constant source of inspiration and I hope my posts inspire you in some small way.” Yes they do, thank you. I’d love to hear more about how poets manage submissions. I’m obsessed with systems. I like your handwritten system, and the stars. I’ve heard about the spreadsheets, but I’ve no idea what they might look like. I’m expecting to be charmed by individual eccentricities as well as getting tips for managing my own (non-existent presently).


    • Hi Karen,
      This isn’t exactly a tip for keeping track of submissions, but I love the idea of 100 rejections, where you send work out telling yourself your target is to get 100 rejections. The likely outcome is that you will, in fact, have some submissions accepted. And it helps you feel more positive about the rejections!
      One thing I know I need to do more often is resubmit. Apparently, women in particular are quite bad at this. So, note to self here and now, resubmit more rejected work.
      Thanks for reading the blog,
      Julie X

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