Haiku/ lockdown

Screenshot (12)

I’ve become quietly addicted to these little poems – click here to view the above.
For me, they’re the perfect antidote (or do I mean compliment) to both the restrictions of lockdown and the long haul of editing my novel. I have 6 short films on You Tube now. The quality is variable, but given the restrictions of the equipment I’m using, plus my woeful lack of technical expertise, they are the best I can do for the moment. My focus, inevitably, has been on small things, the here and now: sun and rain, blossom and bees. Having said that, by really honing down the writing, and closing in on what I’m observing, other possibilities and meanings seem to open up.
Whenever I’m faced with any sort of pressure, my reaction is often to go for a long walk. I’m lucky in that I live close to open country, and I realise that people in more built-up areas are severely restricted in where they can go. Still, I’ve managed to get an interesting poem just by contemplating my morning cup of coffee, so it’s not necessary to be outdoors to create something new. And whether or not we can get out as often as we might like, writing provides freedom for the mind, if not for the body.
The conditions of production may be different, but the work goes on, and helps to keep us sane in these strange times.

You can view more of the poems by clicking on the links below.
Screenshot (13)

View felled tree here.

Screenshot (14)

View rain on the decking here.

Screenshot (11)

View bee in the quince here.











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